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75597 gadamopoulos
[SHELL32] -Simplify some coe in CShellLink.cpp
75596 mjansen
[SHIMENG] Enable the Application Compatibility framework by default.
- Also add disabled keys to configure the logging
- Demote a noisy print used in the shim engine.
At this point the shim engine should be functional enough to be used.
One thing that remains is creating more shims(fixes) to use, and implement more features for the already existing ones.
75595 gadamopoulos
[SHELL32] -AddFSClassKeysToArray: Increase the size of the buffer for the value read from the registry. There are cases when 40 are not enough.
  • Test VBox: test failed -  stdio
75594 mjansen
[ACLAYERS] Add a compatibility shim + layer for the VMWare Horizon setup.
This fixes the setup trying to print some debug strings.
For now the shim has to be applied manually, however the setup does not complete yet.
Patch bits & fixes by Thomas.
75593 gadamopoulos
[COM_APITEST] -Add tests for CLSID_AttachmentServices.
75592 gadamopoulos
[ADVAPI32] -RegOpenKeyExW: Call NtOpenKey again with aligned parameters if STATUS_DATATYPE_MISALIGNMENT was returned the first time. CORE-13689
75591 cfinck
- Add a basic CDFS filesystem library "cdfslib" for checking and formatting a CDFS volume. Checking is unimplemented and formatting not supported anyway :)
- Use this library in the new "ucdfs" DLL and that DLL in "autochk". Fixes the "Unable to verify a CDFS volume" message at boot.
- Return the right device type (FILE_DEVICE_CD_ROM or FILE_DEVICE_DISK) in when querying volume information in cdfs.sys to get the proper icon in Explorer.
75590 cfinck
Convert all tabs to spaces in ntdddisk.h
75589 ekohl
RegQueryInfoKey: Initializing *lpcbSecurityDescriptor before calling NtQueryKey fixes the remaining api tests.
75588 mjansen
[NTDLL_APITEST] Test unaligned pointers for NtOpenKey
75587 mjansen
[ADVAPI32_APITEST] Addendum to 75585, use void pointers to work around gcc ignoring pshpack1.
75586 cfinck
- Add 0x96 as ISO9660 partition type to ntdddisk.h (from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partition_type) and detect it using IsRecognizedPartition.
- Make our isohybrid create an MBR with partition type 0x96.

This properly assigns a drive letter to the Live-CD and lets me boot into desktop using "qemu -hda livecd.iso".
Fixes CORE-13184
75585 mjansen
[ADVAPI32_APITEST] Test unaligned pointers for RegOpenKeyExW.
75584 bfreisen
[PSDK][GDIPLUS] Further work on wrapper classes Pen, Graphics and Brush
75583 tkreuzer
[WIN32K] Revert an accidental change from r75566
Fixes gdi32_winetest metafile regression
75582 tkreuzer
[WIN32K] Don't call IntIsFontRenderingEnabled() while holding an exclusive GDI object lock.
Should fix GUI hangs.
75581 cfinck
Fix uninitialized variable usage (why did neither MSVC nor GCC catch this?)
75580 tkreuzer
[NTOS] Make the GET_HASH_ENTRY() macro return a pointer to the entry instead of the entry itself.
Implicitly it was already returning a pointer, which was then referenced using a "." instead of "->", giving the impression we were working on the returned object instead of the original data. - Convert some macros to inline functions
75579 cfinck
Register CDFS as a disk filesystem too in order to flash our ISOs directly to USB drives and boot from them. Also fix some DPRINTs in the course of that.

One step closer towards CORE-13184: This gets qemu -hda bootcd.iso to work.
What still doesn't work is qemu -hda livecd.iso and booting from a flashed USB drive on real hardware.
Further changes are also required in fs_rec, but this code isn't ready yet and doesn't seem to be the current blocker either.

Credits go to the entire Hackfest Team for helping on this!!
75578 bfreisen
[PSDK][GDIPLUS] Further Pen work
75577 tkreuzer
[PSDK] Add Win10 NTDDI version defines, improve version check
75576 bfreisen
[PSDK][GDIPLUS] Partly implement Pen
  • Test VBox: test failed -  stdio
75575 tkreuzer
[FLTMC][NFSD] Fix version definition
75574 tkreuzer
[KERNEL32] Support PAGE_EXECUTE_WRITECOPY in CreateFileMappingW if OsMajorVersion is 6+.
75573 tkreuzer
[DELAYIMP] Use underscore symbol prefix only on x86