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Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Fix UpdateFileNameRecord() when the file being updated resides in $INDEX_ROOT. Also, don't attempt to read beyond size of index root attribute, and check return value after reading.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75278
Li Keqing
[TRANSLATION] Fix Simplified Chinese Translations (#187)

* Fix the Simplified Translation of Rapps
* Fix the Simplified Translation of msconfig_new
* Fix the Simplified Translation of charmap_new
* Fix the Simplified Translation of winmine
* Fix the Simplified Translation of kbswitch
* Fix Simplified Chinese Translation of logoff
* Fix Simplified Chinese Translation of eventvwr
* Fix Simplified Chinese Translation of sysdm
* Update Simplified Chinese Translation for dxdiag
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Fix index entries storing the wrong allocated file size when the file is resident. Fix a typo in a DPRINT.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75479
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Add some fixes and improvements to attribute.c from CR-123:
-AddFileName() - Don't use dedicated buffer for FileNameNoPath, just point into FileObject->FileName's buffer. Don't use RtlCopyUnicodeString(), just update pointers.
-AddRun() - Fix an SEH2_YIELD with missing return statement.
-FreeClusters() - Use ULONG_MAX in place of 0xffffffff.
-NtfsDumpIndexRootAttribute() - Use consistent UpperCase naming convention. Use BooleanFlagOn() macro where appropriate. Replace magic 8 with sizeof(ULONGLONG).
-GetFileNameAttributeLength() - Add documentation.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75279
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Allow for resizing an attribute in the middle of a file record. Add a helper function and minor improvements:
AddRun() - Allow for resizing the size of the data runs when the attribute isn't the last in the file record. Fix some comments.
CreateIndexBufferFromBTreeNode(), CreateIndexRootFromBTree - Fix math of IndexSize when checking if the index buffer is too large.
InternalSetResidentAttributeLength() - Allow changing the length of an attribute in the middle of a file record. Adjust the position of every attribute after the one being resized.
+MoveAttributes() - Moves a block of attributes to a new location in the file Record.
PrintAllVCNs() - Add consideration for an index allocation with a size of 0.
WriteAttribute() - Add optional parameter for a pointer to the file record being written to. If passed a file record, WriteAttribute() will skip reading the file record from disk, and will update the file record in memory before returning. This helps callers that use the file record after writing an attribute to stay in-sync with what's on disk.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75554
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - When creating files:
-Don't add a preceding backslash when creating files on root.
-Use NTFS_FILE_NAME_POSIX name type if CaseSensitive option is specified.
-Don't try to create a file when a folder is requested (folder creation is still TODO).

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75671
Pierre Schweitzer
[NTFS] Fix the FileNamesInformation/FileNameInformation class confusion that was spotted on FastFAT.
What should also be fixed is the partial return of data on first entry enumeration.
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Add GetAllocationOffsetFromVCN() function, which was mistakenly left out of the last commit.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75425
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Add support for directory creation. Add some helper functions, some comments, and some fixes.
+AddIndexRoot() - Creates an $INDEX_ROOT attribute and adds it to a file record.
AddNewMftEntry() - Make sure the buffer used by RtlInitializeBitmap() is ULONG-aligned, and a ULONG-multiple in size, per MSDN.
AllocateIndexNode() - Calculate BytesNeeded correctly. Read $BITMAP attribute before increasing its length, in anticipation of a future commit that will check for a free bit before assigning a new index record to the end of the allocation. Use appropriate Set*AttributeDataLength() function, as $BITMAP can be resident or non-resident.
B_TREE_FILENAME_NODE - Give two members more accurate names: change "ExistsOnDisk" member to "HasValidVCN" and rename "NodeNumber" member "VCN."
+CreateEmptyBTree() - Creates a B-Tree to represent an empty directory (for AddIndexRoot).
+NtfsCreateEmptyFileRecord() - Creates an empty file record in memory, with no attributes.
CreateIndexRootFromBTree() - Fix TotalSizeOfEntries calculation.
+NtfsCreateDirectory() - Creates a file record for an empty directory and adds it to the mft.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75692
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Fix some errors that break building in C89 mode, and remove an extraneous "ninja livecd" that got inserted in a comment. Thanks to Doug Lyons for spotting these errors.
SplitBTree() - comment-out redundant code for finding the median key and improve comments.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75727
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - After creating a new file, update creation disposition before calling NtfsCreateFile() recursively. This fixes creating a file via right-clicking in a folder.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75423
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Fix for C89 compliance.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75693
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Fix some more issues, including remaining issues marked as "unresolved" from CR-123:
-Add define for indexed flag for resident attributes, RA_INDEXED.
-CreateBTreeFromIndex() - Don't try to read index entries beyond attribute length.
-Move NtfsAddFileNameToDirectory() from dirctl.c to mft.c (no changes to function).
-SetResidentAttributeDataLength() - Don't try to free AttribData if it hasn't been allocated. Cast IndexRecord to PUCHAR for WriteAttribute(), and cast BitmapData to PCHAR for ReadAttribute() (make gcc happy).
-Replace magic number 16 with a define, NTFS_FILE_FIRST_USER_FILE.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75371
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Add some improvements to B-Tree support. Add preliminary support for trees of arbitrary depth. Add support for creating files in directories which have an index allocation, provided there aren't too many files and the node doesn't need to be split.
-CreateBTreeFromIndex() - Fix memory allocation; allocate sizeof(B_TREE_KEY) bytes for the key, not the size of the pointer. Add support for child nodes. Update parameter list.
-CreateIndexRootFromBTree() - Update Header->Flags if any of index root's keys have sub-nodes.
+CreateIndexBufferFromBTreeNode() - Converts a B-Tree node to an index buffer to be written to the index allocation.
+UpdateIndexAllocation() - Updates all of the stale nodes in an index allocation based on a PB_TREE.
+UpdateIndexNode() - Writes a B-Tree node into the index allocation.
+CreateBTreeKeyFromFilename() - Creates a PB_TREE_KEY based on a FILENAME_ATTRIBUTE.
-DestroyBTreeKey() - Destroy a child node, if present.
-DumpBTreeKey() - Dump a child node, if present.
-DumpBTreeNode() - Include Node->KeyCount in output.
-NtfsAddFilenameToDirectory() - Call UpdateIndexAllocation() prior to CreateIndexRootFromBTree().
-Update B_TREE_FILENAME_NODE with members to keep track of its existence on disk.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75428
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Allow for creating a file when the index root gets too large and needs to be moved into an index record. Add some helper functions.
+AllocateIndexNode() - Allocates a new index record in an index allocation.
+CreateDummyKey() - Creates the final B_TREE_KEY for a B_TREE_FILENAME_NODE. Also creates the associated index entry.
GetSizeOfIndexEntries() - Sums the size of each index entry in every key in a B-Tree node.
+SetIndexEntryVCN() - Sets the VCN of a given IndexEntry.
NtfsInsertKey() - Handle instance when the index root grows too large. If it does, add its contents to a new sub-node, and replace contents with a dummy-key whose child is the new node.
UpdateIndexAllocation() - Update index entry if a key has just been assigned a child allocation.
UpdateIndexNode() - Make sure the node exists on disk, and allocate an index record for it if it doesn't.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75557
Joachim Henze
[SERVMAN] fix status-bar text truncation, update german localization CORE-14092
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Add some fixes and improvements to btree.c from CR-123:
-CompareTreeKeys() - Assert that the first key isn't the dummy key.
-CreateIndexRootFromBTree() - Assert that CurrentKey->IndexEntry->Length isn't 0.
-DumpBTreeKey() - Use sizeof(WCHAR) in place of magic 2.
-NtfsInsertKey() - Check for allocation failure of NewKey.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75280
Thomas Faber
[NTOS:KD] Protect against invalid user arguments for BREAKPOINT_LOAD_SYMBOLS. CORE-14057
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Add some fixes and improvements to mft.c from CR-123:
FindAttribute() - Use * sizeof(WCHAR) in place bit-shifting wizardry.
IncreaseMftSize() - Remove two useless casts. Return error code if WriteAttribute() fails.
SetNonResidentAttributeDataLength() - Assert that AttrContext parameter describes a NonResident attribute. When migrating a resident attribute to non-resident, don't leak memory if FsRtlInitializeLargeMcb() throws an exception, and don't mark the attribute as non-resident until after the Mcb is initialized.
InternalSetResidentAttributeLength() and SetResidentAttributeLength() - Assert that AttrContext parameter describes a resident attribute.
AddNewMftEntry() - Simplify math of backing up and restoring reserved bits by changing BitmapData to PUCHAR type. Don't attempt to modify a volume with more than 2^32 clusters.
AddFixupArray() - Use ULONG in place of int.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75284
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Fix AddFileName() when the file path is two or more directories deep.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75277
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Fix increasing the mft size, to keep chkdsk happy.
IncreaseMftSize() - Add some fixes. Write blank records to newly-allocated mft entries, and update $MFTMirr when finished; these changes are needed for chkdsk.  Increase size by 64 records instead of 8.
+UpdateMftMirror() - Backs up the first ~4 master file table entries to the $MFTMirr file.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75694
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Add a few fixes and improvements, most from CR-123:
-Add ATTR_RECORD_ALIGNMENT define to replace magic value of 8 when we need to adjust an attribute's beginning or length.
-Don't use int's.
-GetPackedByteCount() - Remove unused "bytes" variable.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75288
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Add some utility functions and improve some comments. Improve NtfsAddFilenameToDirectory().
+PrintAllVCNs() - Diagnostic function which prints VCN of every node in an index allocation.
+GetAllocationOffsetFromVCN() - Calculates location of an index buffer from the node's VCN.
+GetInfoClassName() - Gets a string representation of an info class enumeration, to speed up development of unimplemented classes.
-NtfsSetInformation() & NtfsQueryInformation() - Use GetInfoClassName to report unhandled information classes.
-CompareTreeKeys() - Add a comment and clarify some comments.
-NtfsAddFilenameToDirectory() - Don't try to update the size of Index Root on disk if the attribute length hasn't changed.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75424
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Begin to implement B-Trees. Allow for creating several new files in a directory.
NtfsAddFilenameToDirectory() - Add CaseSensitive parameter. Update to use new B-Tree code: First, the index is read and converted to a B-Tree in memory. Next, a key for the new file is inserted into the tree. Finally, the tree is converted back to an index root attribute which is written to disk.
+btree.c - Includes functions related to B-Trees (AKA B*Trees).
ntfs.h - Added several structures for representing B-Trees in memory.
Known limitations: For simplicity, only trees with a depth of one are currently supported (i.e. an ordered list of filenames). Directories that have or will require an index allocation to store all their filenames are still TODO. As a consequence, the user will only be able to create about 6 files in a directory.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75223
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Add some helper functions for new features. Add some fixes. Add support for creating an index allocation, splitting a b-tree node, or "demoting" the index root. This allows for file creation without functional limitations.
+AddBitmap() - adds a $BITMAP attribute to a file record.
+AddIndexAllocation() - adds an $INDEX_ALLOCATION attribute to a file record.
+CountBTreeKeys() - Counts the number of linked B-Tree keys.
CreateIndexBufferFromBTreeNode() - Set INDEX_NODE_LARGE if the node has sub-nodes.
CreateIndexRootFromBTree() - Simplify the usage and math of MaxIndexSize; make it only account for the cumulative size of the index entries.
+DemoteBTreeRoot() - Replaces the contents of an index root with a dummy key, and puts those contents in a new node, which is made a child of the dummy key. This is done when an index root grows too large.
+GetIndexEntryVCN() - Retrieves the VCN from an index entry.
NtfsAddFilenameToDirectory() - Fix math for MaxIndexRootSize.
NtfsInsertKey() - Add support for splitting a B-Tree node. Don't check size of index root (that will be handled later).
+SplitBTreeNode() - Called when a B-Tree node grows too large.
UpdateIndexAllocation() - Create an $I30 index allocation attribute and bitmap attribute if needed.
UpdateIndexNode() - Update children before updating the current node. Store VCN of child nodes in the index entries of their respective keys.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75707
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Refactor to allow the copy of the attribute stored in NTFS_ATTR_CONTEXT to have a dynamic length; change Record member from an NTFS_ATTR_RECORD to a PNTFS_ATTR_RECORD.  Rename it pRecord to reinforce the change. Fix some bugs related to the record size changing.
-PrepareAttributeContext() - update to allocate memory for pRecord. Don't assume allocations are succeeding.
-ReleaseAttributeContext() - update to free memory for pRecord.
-InternalSetResidentAttributeLength() - Increase size of AttrContext->pRecord as needed. Update to return an NTSTATUS.
-SetResidentAttributeDataLength() - Fix bug that could occur when migrating resident attributes to non-resident if AttrContext->pRecord is too small for the new attribute.
-AddRun() - Fix a bug by reallocating AttrContext->pRecord if the record needs to be enlarged.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75493
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Fix some formatting / style issues, per CR-123.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75290
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Add some fixes and improvements to create.c, dirctl.c and fcb.c from CR-123:
-NtfsOpenFile() - Replace an ExFreePool() with ExFreePoolWithTag().
-NtfsCreateFile() - Fix broken cast with BooleanFlagOn() macro.
-NtfsAddFilenameToDirectory() - Remove an extra cast. Return an error if we fail to allocate I30IndexRoot.
-NtfsGetNextPathElement(), NtfsWSubString(), NtfsGetFCBForFile() - Use PCWSTR in place of const PWCHAR or PWCHAR  where it makes sense.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75281
Amine Khaldi
[COM_APITEST] Improve the existing PCH and make use of it.
Thomas Faber
[NTOS:KD] Protect against invalid user arguments in KdpPrintString. CORE-14057
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Add some fixes and improvements to finfo.c from CR-123:
NtfsSetEndOfFile() - Make fileNameAttribute and filename variables uppercase. Don't leak FileRecord if we can't truncate the file. Don't leak memory if there's no FileName attribute.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75283
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Fix a couple of issues spotted by Thomas: Maintain alphabetical ordering of CMakeLists.txt, fix casts to BOOLEAN with BooleanFlagOn macro.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75224
Amine Khaldi
  • Test VBox: test failed -  stdio
Amine Khaldi
[NTOS] Add some header guards.
Pierre Schweitzer
[VCDCLI] Fix typo
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Respect NTFS' file ordering when enumerating a directory. Split off part of BrowseIndexEntries() into a separate function to simplify the code.
AddNewMftEntry() - Zero the (larger) buffer for the bitmap prior to reading the bitmap.
BrowseIndexEntries() - Check sub-nodes before checking an index entry. Read and use the index bitmap when checking sub-nodes.
+BrowseSubNodeIndexEntries() - Called for sub-nodes of an index when browsing index entries.
+NtfsDumpData() - Diagnostic function which allows for visualizing a series of bytes.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75817
Thomas Faber
[NTOS:KD] Protect against invalid user arguments in KdpPrompt. CORE-14057
Hermès Bélusca-Maïto
[KERNEL32] Update some console API prototypes.
Trevor Thompson
[NTFS] - Fix gcc build. Fix CompareTreeKeys(): Don't consider Key1 a possible dummy key. Don't assume filenames are the same length.

svn path=/branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/; revision=75228
Thomas Faber
Merge branch 'ntfs_rebase'