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74430 pschweitzer
Fix returned data handling on directory enumeration.
Patch by Giannis Adamopoulos

74429 gadamopoulos
[COMCTL32] -Add v5 and v6 manifests in livecd.
74422 jimtabor
- Use internal function for setting brush origin. Related to CORE-13110.
74421 jimtabor
- Update DC attributes while internally setting brush origin. Related to CORE-13110.
74420 mjansen
[WIN32SS] Fix returning an uninitialized variable. Patch by Victor Martinez Calvo. CID 1341417, CORE-11027 #comment Thanks!
74419 tfaber
- Fix last error value returned from GdiSelectPen for invalid DCs. Fixes the last test failure in gdi32:gdiobj. Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ.
CORE-13132 #resolve
74418 tfaber
- Avoid two cases of uninitialized variable use in GetEventUserName. Based on a patch by V?\195?\173ctor Mart?\195?\173nez Calvo. CID 1401250
CORE-12798 #resolve
74417 tfaber
- Make user name caching actually work
74416 hbelusca
[CMD]: Improvements for the CHCP command.
- Display the informative CP-change message on stdout, using the *output* code page (and not the input CP);
- Correctly update the local codepage cache;
- Display the informative CP-change message when the CP change succeeded;
- Add source comments + informative TODO for what remains to be done.
74415 ekohl
Make the timezone names translatable.
74414 hbelusca
[KERNEL32]: Add/update localized codepage display names.
- Slightly update the description of CP 28599;
- Add descriptions for CPs 28600, 28603, 28604 and 28606;
- Add CP 856 "OEM - Hebrew PC" (which differs from OEM Hebrew CP 862).
Note that while we also have codepages 424, 878 and 1006, I don't add their description because:
- CP 424 is actually CP 20424 "IBM EBCDIC - Hebrew" on Windows (documented in the resource files);
- CP 878 is actually CP 20866 "Russian - KOI8" on Windows (documented in the resource files);
- CP 1006 seems to be "IBM Arabic" according to Wine, but I don't know its corresponding number on Windows.
74413 hbelusca
[KERNEL32]: Little improvements/fixes for GetCPInfoExW and GetGeoInfoW:
- Rework GetLocalisedText helper such that it looks more like LoadStringW. Also, if the string is not found (either because there is no associated string table, or because its resource length is zero), then return zero.
  Otherwise we return the correct number of characters copied into the user buffer, not counting the NULL terminator.
  This fixes the blank strings showing in the list of codepage user-friendly names in the console properties dialog.
- Simplify the code of NLS_GetGeoFriendlyName: we can directly use the user-provided buffer to retrieve the string.
Addendum to r65157.
CORE-13130 #resolve
74412 hbelusca
[KERNEL32]: Add the Brunei in the list of localized countries.
Translators, please localize the name!
74411 gadamopoulos
[UXTHEME] -Fix some resource leaks.
  • Test VBox: test failed -  stdio
74410 hbelusca
[COMMAND]: Disable COMMAND.COM debugging messages by default.
Disable again this #define if you want to get the dbg messages back.
74409 tfaber
- Not building before committing is also a hack
74408 tfaber
- Touch the virtual address of DMA buffers before calling MmGetPhysicalAddress on them. This ensures page directories are correctly set up for the current process context, and fixes random DMA operation failures ("MM:MmGetPhysicalAddressFailed"). This is not a hack -- using MmGetPhysicalAddress for DMA in the first place is.
CORE-9224 #resolve
74407 gadamopoulos
[UXTHEME] -Implement the tab background texture. NOTE: A hack was used to go around the problem that SetBrushOrgEx doesn't really work. CORE-12978
74406 gadamopoulos
- Button, Trakbar: Send WM_CTLCOLORBTN or WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC and use their return value to paint the control despite the fact that DrawThemeParentBackground was called as well.
Part of the fix for CORE-12978
74405 hbelusca
[CONSOLE.CPL]: Simplify some parts of font.c code.
- Use a helper function "AddFontToList" to add font names into the font list;
- Use string-safe functions where needed.
74404 tfaber
- In PDEVOBJ_vRefreshModeList, restore the current mode pointer, ppdev->pdmwDev, to a valid value.
CORE-13097 #resolve
74403 tfaber
Fix heap corruption in EnumDisplaySettingsExA/W:
- Do not overwrite the user-provided buffer size in dmDriverExtra
- Fix broken pointer arithmetic
74402 hbelusca
[ACCESS]: Fix french el-typo, noticed by Kyle Katarn. Thanks!
74401 tfaber
- Silence Firefox/Safari debug spam
CORE-12853 CORE-12128 CORE-11135
74400 tfaber
- In MiFlushTbAndCapture, only print a fixme if we actually need to do something.
CORE-12074 #resolve