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75216 gadamopoulos
[BROWSEUI] -CBandSite: Implement the context menu of the rebar. It queries the IContextMenu if the band and appends to it a static menu part that can show or hide the title and close the toolbar. Showing or hiding the title isn't implemented yet.
  • Build GCCLin_x86: uploaded failed -  stdio
  • Test KVM: test failed -  stdio
75215 cfinck
Fix all EnumPrintProcessorDatatypes API tests.
75214 ekohl
Prevent duplicate declaration of NTSTATUS.
75213 ekohl
Prevent duplicate declaration of STRING and PSTRING.
75212 ekohl
- Add netlogon RPC binding code.
- Implement NetGetAnyDCName. This function calls its counterpart in the netlogon service.
75210 pschweitzer
- Stop passing DO, directly pass VCB
- Try to compute some unique value as internal ID for objects. As MS, return the LBO

75209 cfinck
Fix GCC build
75208 cfinck
Add a simple API Test for netapi32.dll, only covering DsRoleGetPrimaryDomainInformation so far.
It succeeds in ReactOS, but outputs a heap error in the debug log. In real world applications, this later leads to a heap assertion failure.
75207 cfinck
- Create the actual generic handle in _LocalOpenPrinterHandle.
- Fix _RpcClosePrinter call.
- Enable many more tests in winspool_apitest, GetPrinterData.
- Bail out with ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER for empty strings in _MakePrinterSubKey as well.
- Add the Name registry value for "Dummy Printer on LPT1" to make a test succeed.

This fixes many basic things.. which only got unnoticed, because Printing is only used in the form of API Tests so far.

  • Test VBox: test failed -  stdio
75206 cfinck
Fix copy-paste mistakes in messages.
75205 mjansen
[APPHELP_APITEST] Add tests for SdbGetMatchingExe, to test matching on version resources. CORE-13284
75204 mjansen
Missing functions
75203 mjansen
Missing include
75202 mjansen
[SDK][XML2SDB] Simplify helper functions, output Exe matches + file attributes
75201 mjansen
[APPHELP_APITEST:db] Fix the test for Win10, use WCHAR for data paths
75197 ekohl
Add the Netlogon service interface definition.
75196 ekohl
Implement I_BrowserrDebugTrace and I_BrowserServerEnum. This functions calls their counterpart in the computer browser service.
75195 pschweitzer
- Implemented RxCompleteSrvOpenKeyAssociation(), RxInitiateSrvOpenKeyAssociation(), RxProcessChangeBufferingStateRequests()
- Implemented RxFinalizeFcbTable(), RxFinalizeNetFobx(), RxFinalizeNetRoot(), RxFinalizeSrvCall(), RxFinalizeVNetRoot(), RxFreeObject(), RxpDestroySrvCall(), RxRemovePrefixTableEntry(), RxRemoveVirtualNetRootFromNetRoot(), RxScavengeRelatedFobxs(), RxTearDownBufferingManager(), RxUndoScavengerFinalizationMarking()
- Implemented RxPostToWorkerThread()
- Implemented RxFlushFcbInSystemCache(), RxPurgeFcb(), RxPurgeFcbInSystemCache()
- Stubbed RxOrphanSrvOpens(), RxpDiscardChangeBufferingStateRequests(), RxpDispatchChangeBufferingStateRequests(), RxpProcessChangeBufferingStateRequests()
- Continued implementation of RxDereference() so that it supports more objects than just SRV_CALL
- Reworked RxInsertWorkQueueItem() implementation so that it accepts any work item, and not just dispatch work items
- Finished implementation of RxTableLookupName() so that it properly returns a V_NET_ROOT on NET_ROOT match

Notable effects of this commit are:
- RXCE/RDBSS leak less memory; now objects without references are properly deleted from the system
- This means that stale objects are also deleted; this fixes CORE-13483 were same stale SRV_CALL was used again and again
- Because in prefix table NET_ROOT are correctly handled, it's now possible to mount several path from the same prefix; this fixes CORE-13482

75194 tfaber
- Fix setting the direction in USBPORT_OpenPipe. Patch by Vadim Galyant.
75189 sgasiorek
- initial implementation of DxDdCreateD3DBuffer and DxDdCreateSurfaceObject CORE-4490
75188 dquintana
Fix registration.
  • Test VBox: test failed -  stdio
75187 ekohl
Implement NetBrowserStatisticsGet().
75186 ekohl
Move the functions NetGetDCName, NetGetAnyDCName and NetEnumerateTrustedDomains into a separate file for the Netlogon service interface code.
75185 pschweitzer
Fix GCC build
75184 ekohl
Implement I_BrowserQueryOtherDomains, I_BrowserQueryStatistics and I_BrowserResetNetlogonState. This functions calls their counterpart in the computer browser service.